Aube TH106 Programmable Thermostat Review

The Aube Th106   Thermostat  is a simple to use single pole line voltage programmable thermostat for electric heaters only. For most parts of the country electric heat is more expensive then oil or gas to run as your main heating source. For that reason alone if have electric heat in your house a programmable thermostat is really the only way to go to save on your winter electric bill.

This a simple thermostat to install, and program but I don’t like this model if you have a fan forced electric heater. It cycles on and off a lot so I personal think this model is best of convectors or baseboard only.

This is a 7 day programmable thermostat that features an LCD screen to display temperature, time, day, mode, heating command. The unit operates on 120 / 240 volts AC and is a 2 wire, single pole device. Triac switching means 15 second cycle times will provide the most precise temperature control for electric resistance heaters.  This accuracy is ± 0.27°F. You can modify the thermostat to 15 minute cycles for use with fan-forced electric heaters, such as wall heaters.


This programmable thermostat can be used to control an electric heating system such as electric baseboard heaters, electric radiant ceiling heaters, electric radiant floor heat and electric convectors.
Save up to 20% on heating costs by programming this thermostat to lower your temperature overnight and while you are away.


  • accurate temperature control of +/-0.27°F
  • Fast, easy, two-wire installation
  • Retains Programming throughout power lost (Time retained up to 4 hours)
  • Large LCD Screen
  • No Back Light
  • Limitations to Programing

The Aube by Honeywell, Line Voltage Thermostat, TH115-A-240D Is For :

  1. Home Owners Of Electric Heaters
  2. Home Owners with Electric Heaters Smaller then 4000 watts per zone or room
  3. Home Owners looking to lower their utility bills

Overall this Thermostat is a easy to install single pole thermostat. A home owner that has a basic understanding of electricity ie: can install electrical outlets or ceiling light can easily install this thermostat.

The Reviews:

The reviews for the Aube by Honeywell, Line Voltage Thermostat, TH6D are nothing short of spectacular. Of the 17 reviews we were able to find online , 13people gave it 5 star rating.


Actual reviews

I bought this thermostat for my den, which has electric baseboard heat. The original thermostat looked like it was 30 years old; instead of a dial with temperatures, it had one ranging from 0 to 4. Getting the room to a comfortable temperature was impossible.

I’m impressed with the quality and the functionality of this Single Pole Thermostat. I purchased one to make sure that I wanted to replace all the thermostats in my condo with this thermostat. I have since purchased two more for other rooms in my condo.

My entire home is 240 volt baseboard heat. I have a thermostat in every room and one in the upstairs hallway (10 zones total) When I purchased the house The original thermostats from the 70′s were still there! They were awful no longer accurate and eating electricity since the elements came on full blast whenever the heat kicked on. So far I have bought 5 of these Honeywell thermostats over the past 2 months and installed them in my kitchen, living room and all the upstairs bedrooms. It’s nice to be able to program them and forget them


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